By realizing the importance of the business operation, the Board of Directors has established the Company’s Vision, mission, and target to guide the Company’s directors, executives and employees to the same path of success.

In 2019, the Company has reviewed its current vision, mission, target and business strategies and found that the details of such remain up-to-date and in accordance with the Company’s operating policy.


To be a leading investment company that serves customers with heartfelt service and dedication towards value enhancement for sustainable business.


To invest in high-potential business.

To increase satisfaction of supporting trading and services.

To develop industrial parks to and international standard level.

To incorporate good corporate governance principles, as well as, promote ongoing personnel development in terms of business expertise, moral and ethics, and social and environmental awareness.


To achieve sustainable business growth

Corporate Values

For 2020, the Company’s focus will lie on business innovation toward investment, industrial park development, and other real-estate development. Therefore, to enable every employee to work towards the same goal and to promote organization culture, the Company has reviewed and revised its corporate values as follows:

Success with synergy and sharing

Progress with partnership and positivity

Integration of innovation and integrity