Whistleblowing Policy

The Company Board of Directors provides an opportunity for all stakeholders and related parties that have notice, found evidence, suspecting others of holding evidence. Those acting on behalf of the Company having involved in any bribery or corruption either directly or indirectly which would lead to fraudulent offenses against the law, regulations, company policies, code of conduct for director, management and employee. Those receiving unfair justice in the workplace are able to notify such acts through the channel specified by the Company Whistleblowing Policy

The Channels of Complaint, Practices are as follows;
  1. Direct verbal complaints or complaints in writing.
    • Internal Audit Manager
      Tel. 0-2293-0030 Ext. 510
    • Human Resources Manager
      Tel. 0-2293-0030 Ext. 400
    • Company Secretary
      Tel. 0-2293-0030 Ext. 300
    • Accounting Manager
      Tel. 0-2293-0030 Ext. 509
  2. Via the E-mail Address: cac@spi.co.th
  3. Feedback Box
  4. Mail to PO Box: 3, Sathupradit Post Office, Bangkok 10124
  5. In case the complainant chooses not to reveal their name and identity, a detail facts and evidence must be presenteded to show that there are reasonable grounds to beleive that any person is involved in bribery or corruption.

The Company will retain the confidential information take into account the safety of the complainant unless required by law to disclose.

Measures for the Protection of Complainants
  1. A complainant may choose to remain anonymous if deem not to disclose ones identity which could lead to insecurity.
  2. The Company will keep relevant information secret and take into account the safety of the complainants. Measures have been prescribed for the protection of the complainants who are employees, including those who cooperate to facilitate the investigation. These individual will be protected from unfair treatment as a consequence of the complaint, e.g. disturbances during work, reassignment or termination of employment.

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