'Digital Energy Transformation to Smart Industrial Park, The Largest Digital Micro Grid in Asia - a collaboration with GE, Saha Group, Impact Solar'

27 June 2019

On 27 June 2019, Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited on behalf of Saha Group, with General Electric International Operations Company Inc. (“GE Thailand”), Impact Solar Limited, and Impact Electrons Limited join together for the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on the “Digital Energy Transformation to Smart Industrial Park, The Largest Digital Micro Grid in Asia” to develop Saha Group Industrial Park to an advanced digital platform. Present in the ceremony were Mr. Vichai Kulsomphob (2nd from the left) – President of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited, Mr. Kovit Kantapasara (1st from the left) – President and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric International Operations Company Inc. (“GE Thailand”), Ms. Paradai Suebma (2nd from the right) – Director of Impact Electrons Limited, and Mr. Somboon Lertsuwannaroj (1st from the right) – Managing Director of Impact Solar Limited. Mr. Boonsithi Chokwatana (3rd from the left) – Chairman of Saha Group and Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang (3rd from the right) – Commissioner of the Energy Regulatory Commission also joined as honorable witness on the ceremony, being held as part of 23rd Saha Group Fair at BITEC, Bangna.

“With the advancement of digital technology in energy exchange and management, the development of the platform to a smarter energy grid become possible more than ever and the opportunities are limitless. Saha Group is delighted to collaborate with our preferred partners GE, Impact Solar and Impact Electrons to transform our Saha Industrial Park to a smart and efficient platform.” says Mr. Vichai Kulsomphob – President of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited.

With Saha Group Industrial Park unique transmission network, the development of a digital energy exchange platform can be readily implemented and with GE’s digital solutions, will better showcase real-time energy exchange of electricity generated from Saha Cogeneration and Impact Solar's rooftop and battery sources. This development will enable efficient and effective production of reliable power supply to current and future industrial customers and partners. 

Impact Solar is Thailand's first and leading provider of private PPA for solar rooftop and is mandated to supply clean and discounted energy to any interested Saha Group’s industrial customer through solar rooftop and battery systems connected to the digital energy exchange platform. With Impact Solar’s strong experience team and a growing portfolio of clients from Big C supercenters to Thai Union frozen storage facility to Kerry logistic warehouse only to name a few. In 2018, Impact Solar started to initiate the installation of solar rooftops in Saha Industrial Park Sriracha through the support of JCM, a program supported by the Japanese Government to reduce global carbon emissions.

“We will bring other technology to the Saha Industrial Park Sriracha project including energy storage systems, EV charging networks, floating solar system and other technologies in the near future to enable the end users to manage their energy consumption and be prone to future tariff fluctuation and uncertainty in the near future. We are focusing on creating the greatest value to our customers through continuous service improvement with the world’s most advanced technology.” says Mr. Somboon Lertsuwannaroj – Managing Director of Impact Solar Limited.

This collaboration aims to establish Saha Industrial Park as a solid foundation to develop peer-to-peer energy exchange among industrial customers in the near future, whether through block-chain or other technologies. Therefore, GE is the preferred technology provider because of its impressive 100-year reputation and renowned expertise in comprehensive energy technology, especially with the advanced grid management which equips 90% of power transmission utilities worldwide. GE supports the development and modernization of energy networks around the world by offering an interconnected system of digital and industrial technologies that support the entire energy value chain, from production and distribution to the ultimate point of electricity usage.

“It is an honor to be Saha Group’s partner to transform the Saha Industrial Park to an innovative digital platform with GE Digital’s technology. This partnership will produce a first of its kind energy network that will create great opportunities for Thailand by bringing cleaner, reliable, and highly efficient and cost-effective power. We at GE are excited to bring this collaboration to completion, with our partners Saha Group, Impact Solar and Impact Electrons,” says Mr. Kovit Kantapasara, President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Thailand.

Saha Group truly hopes that through collaboration and development  with GE, a Global leading energy company, will lead to a creation of the platform that is seamlessly compatible and communicable to existing GE's and other utility grid software which not only is beneficial to the industrial users but also for everyone to have an access to.

Mr. Vichai Kulsomphob – President of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited says “Saha Group hopes this collaboration with Saha Group’s goal is to ultimately provide our industrial customers with the most benefit in terms of energy savings and to be part of reducing our carbon footprint through the promotion of clean and competitive energy.”